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What is Enlightenment? The Endless Quest

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I was standing in the sun this morning before I went to work, it’s winter here but it must’ve been about 22 degrees C. I could feel the warmth on my skin and all was very blissful, and then my mind entered and I was thinking, is it vitamin D or A, my chain of thought was broken.
I had been thinking a little bit about the question What Is Enlightenment? I wasn’t in a hurry to answer but eventually, something emerged, and I will try to package in a way that makes sense, so please bear with me.


The question itself could be a little bit of an issue. I remember Krishnamurthi once saying, Can we ever ask the right question? NOTE: I am not a Krishnamurthi clone either.

What is Enlightenment? As soon as we say “IS” it implies that such a thing exists. We have read oodles of books o the Spirit, some very profound and others that are best suited for the fireplace on a cold winters night. They all seem to have an opinion about Enlightenment, Freedom,Truth or the God thing. Well I’d like start fresh and challenge the lot, not for the sake of an argument but because I am reasonably clear that there is a serious issue with the question.

So I see a problem a big one What IS Enlightenment? As soon as we say IS, it is saying there is something there and the next logical step is to go and find; and what is the thing we are seeking to obtain or achieve and that is Enlightenment, that’s a no-brainer really. The issue for me is, at the very beginning of the quest we are beaten, we are seeking, the sought being Enlightenment and us being the one who wants it, the needy, the lacking, the one that is minus the thing we seek.

Let’s go a little further with this. I’ll throw this in because I think it is relevant ‘Any movement in any direction is a movement away from ourself’, please read that line again and think on it for a moment.

The very question ‘What is Enlightenment?’ Implies lack and when we look at it even harder, it’s easy to see the separation; we are sepearated from Enlightenment. I need to challenge that, not for the forum or an argument but because it is misconception. Underlying us, is the very thing that is sought, the very experience which we are seeking is the very thing that is at our core. If we move towards solving the question, we are defeated because there is no need to take the journey, because we are moving away, out of God space, trying to solve a question which has come from thought. The mind is wanting to know, the mind asks a question, it creates its own self imposed perameters and says ‘ Hey Answer this’, it’s really saying, look I am great, I have the ability to understand what is outside the framework of thought, but I shall pretend to be wise, I shall because I’m pretty shifty, proud and haughty, I can pour the ocean, the whole of it into my little bucket.

So where am I now? Ok , here it is. The question just doesn’t do it for me, the question is a problem to itself and try as you might, you’ll be on the path of Endles Becoming, on the quest like the deer chasing the musk, always seeking the elusive Beloved and moving away from yourself

There is nowhere to go and nothing to do.  And that’s what people find so difficult

Be There Now




Written by Tony Hogan

August 20, 2009 at 11:18 pm

Posted in Consciousness, Wisdom

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  1. Hi Tony,

    Yeah, first we seek material happiness, then spiritual happiness, then we realise seeking happiness is the problem. In other words, the problem isn’t how to get happy but rather how to stop making ourselves unhappy. We don’t gain enlightenment; we lose illusion. So the right question is, “What is illusion?” And you give a good answer to that:

    “Any movement in any direction is a movement away from ourself.”

    And happiness is in the very nature of our being.

    Of course, we can always answer “What is enlightenment?” with “It’s an illusion!”

    Martin Gifford

    August 23, 2009 at 8:14 am

  2. You should expand on your last section. First I was confused and thought you were just playing with words but then I got to the last paragraph and it all made sense. I know what you are writing about and it makes sense


    August 28, 2009 at 4:13 am

  3. I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His main purpose is to put people on or keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can find my blog at:

    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!



    July 11, 2010 at 11:26 am

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